I provide tele-therapy, which is exclusively online video sessions.

I offer a variety of ways to do this that are simple to use. I am covered by: BC/BS, Regence, Moda, Moda, Pacific Source, and Kaiser First Choice-Added Choice. I offer a 20-minute free consultation. I am here to support you.


About Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is the systematic and intentional use of dramatic techniques by a trained professional to aid individuals in personal growth and increase emotional well being.

The modern use of dramatic process and theatre as a therapeutic intervention began with Psychodrama. The field has since expanded to allow for many forms of theatrical interventions including role play, theatre games, group-dynamic games, mime, puppetry, self revelatory[performance and other improvisational techniques. Drama Therapy can be utilized to help a client:

  1. Solve problems
  2. Achieve new insight and self awareness
  3. Delve into personal wisdom through identification and intentional use of personal strengths
  4. Brainstorming and experiencing different outcomes to decisions in a safe and nurturing environment
  5. Improve relationships by exploring and transcending unhealthy patterns of behavior with self, other and our environment
  6. Increase acceptance of circumstances in order to move forward
  7. Reawaken spontaneity and creativity

Who can benefit from drama therapy? Just about anybody. Drama is our closest art form to real life and lends itself beautifully to the exploration of life challenges and transitions. Drama therapy can be used in a wide variety of settings with many different populations with both individuals and groups.

Fees for Theatre Classes

I can craft a class that specifically meets the needs and interests of your group. Pricing is dependent on the type and duration of a class. For pricing and fees please contact Robin at 503-380-2049 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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